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Self-Defence Classes

Self-Defence Classes

All martial arts classes at The Holistic Fitness Studios will teach aspects of self-defence as of course it is the very principle of martial arts. However we also offer specialist short courses, corporate packages and 1-2-1 personal self-defence training.

To find out more about our bespoke self-defence courses contact Steve Dixon via our contact page or directly on 07956 944 341 or alternatively read on to find out more...


Self-Defence in Kickboxing

Many attacks, especially on women will come from from the rear, the assailant trying to surprise you. Therefore while our Kickboxing classes may concentrate on kickboxing as a sport, we also teach self-defence techniques as part of our syllabus which includes taking an opponent to the floor, escaping from grasps and clinches and disarming an attacker with a knife or gun. 

Women's Only Self-Defence Classes

As part of our bespoke, self-defence classes, The Holistic Fitness Studios does offer women only classes, however, we actually encourage mixed classes as typically women ask us how to protect themselves from male assailants. So we believe practising realistic, effective techniques against opponents that may be bigger and stronger is key to having confidence in carrying out self-defence. Indeed many disciplines in martial arts are very much about how a smaller person can overcome a larger person and we promise that all of our classes are run on a safety first basis and offer a friendly training environment.

Aikido for Self-Defence

The traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido is very much grounded in self-defence rather than attack and uses your opponents energy, and body weight against themselves making it a very effective form of self-defence for smaller framed people or for those who do not wish to engage in grappling, punching or kicking. At Holistic Fitness our aikido classes are run by Karol Hoffer, of Aikikai Aikido London, one of the UK's most respected Aikido Teachers. The classes are a friendly mix of men and women across all ages and is a great way for new beginners to train alongside more experienced practitioners.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as Self-Defence

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an excellent self-defence martial art for those wanting to know how to escape from an attacker who has dragged them to the floor. Of course while you may kick, punch, scratch and bite all you can, if a heavy opponent has managed to pin you down then BJJ really does come into it's own as this popular grappling art will teach you how to disengage from your opponent, giving you an opportunity to fight back, run away and get help.

Self-Defence using MMA/Sport Combat

MMA, mixed martial arts is a hugely popular sport that incorporates a variety of martial arts techniques from boxing, kickboxing, bjj and more. As such, although our MAA class is taught as a combat sport like any martial art, the techniques can be used in real life situations to defend oneself.

A key aspect of self-defence is confidence and awareness, the ability to think while being put under pressure or threatening situation and hence why many martial arts can help. In fact at Holistic Fitness, we believe that exuding confidence and being aware of potential threats can prevent attacks in the first place but if something does happen, the self-defence techniques taught at all Holistic Fitness Classes should be easy to accomplish and ultimately very effective.

 Self Defence from Rear Attack  

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