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Karol Hoffer

Karol Hoffer

Aikikai Aikido Instructor for The Holistic Fitness Studios (freelance)

Personal Background

Born in Komarno, in former Czechoslovakia (now Slovak Republic), having Hungarian nationality. Have lived in London since 2005 and became a proud British Citizen in 2015!

Martial Arts Background

Karol (or Karesz as friends call him) has practiced Aikido for over 20 years. 
He quickly realised that Aikido is not just a martial art but also a very energetic lifestyle. As he often mentions, Aikido is a bowl of great things and everyone has a choice to pick what they are after. Fitness, Tradition, Beautiful movements, Self defence, or just good fun with a bunch of social people!

Originally training with Laszlo Elsner 6th Dan and pioneer of Aikido in Hungary and the late Fujita Masatake sensei 8th Dan, Karesz increasingly saw his life within the spiritual context of Aikido and after settling in London Karesz deepened his knowledge by frequently travelling the World to attend Aikido seminars lead by great masters such as Yamada Sensei, Tissier Sensei, the Doshu, Fujita Sensei and Mimuro sensei. Since 2011 the Dojo is affiliated with Yokohama International Aikido Club, enjoying a great relationship with Mimuro sensei 7th Dan and his amazing Aikido knowledge earned from the late Yamaguchi sensei.

This learning and commitment that Karesz has shown has led to Aikikai Aikido London becoming one of the very few European dojos to be affiliated with the Aikido Foundation in Japan, the official governing body of Aikido.

Favourite technique

There are lots of amazing techniques, but if I had to choose I would say Koshi-nage.

Grades held

3rd Dan so Hombu


Like any true Martial Artist Aikido takes up a lot of Karesz's life but he still finds the time to race round tracks in high spec motors, travelling the world and enjoying relaxing at the cinema.

Why Holistic?

Holistic Fitness Studio is not just a 'Kick-Boxing club', but a great mix of other martial arts and most importantly, nice people. Aikido offers another facet to this profile and it is a great opportunity for all of the club members, with different backgrounds, to share some experiences within the studio.