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Anthony Bravo

Anthony Bravo

Children's Class Instructor

Personal History

Born and raised in Mitcham, London and currently studying Sports Science at Carshalton F.E. College.

Martial Arts Background

I started kickboxing at the age of 5 with Holistic Fitness and have been training with them ever since. I passed my black belt at the age of 11 and am now training towards my 2nd dan black belt. At Holistic Fitness I teach the children's classes three times a week, (Little Dragons and KidZone). I can be found at the dojo either teaching or training most of the time. I also compete and fight in regional competitions for Holistic Fitness on a regular basis.


1st degree black belt

Favourite Techniques

My favourite technique is the double sidekick. I also enjoy sweeping my opponents.


Kickboxing is my main hobby, but also enjoy playing football. I don't mind cooking either.

Why Holistic Fitness?

It was pure luck that my mum found Holistic Fitness for me when Holistic Fitness was based in Mitcham. I came for a trial class and never looked back. I enjoyed the classes and the way I was accepted even though I was the youngest in the class. Since becoming an instructor I have enjoyed being allowed the responsibility to teaching the children's classes and it has been good experience for my C.V. and personal development.