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Dean Morgan

Dean Morgan
Dean Morgan

Children's Martial Arts Class Instructor / Adult Kickboxing Syllabus Instructor

Personal Background

Originally from Doncaster, I have travelled and lived around Europe both with work and martial arts. I settled in London in 2010.

Marital Arts Background

I started in Tae Kwon Do when I was five years old and moved onto Kickboxing, entering and winning my first tournament when I was seven. I then started practising Karate when I was about 10.

During my teens I concentrated on Boxing, Sport Karate and Kickboxing. I
was also assistant coach to the Junior England kickboxing team when I was in the England Senior Squad. I have been training with Holistic Fitness for over 5 years.

I have competed in many competitions including:
Strike winner 2005 & 2006
FSK Runner up 2006
WON Winner 2006
British National Bronze medal winner 2006
English Nationals Silver medal 2006 & 2007
Premier League Runner up 2005, 2006, and 2007
Quarter finals of the Kickboxing World Championships

Grades Held

2nd Dan Black Belt in Sport Karate,
Black Belt in Karate,
Black Belt in Kickboxing,
Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Other Qualifications

Community Sports Coach (Multi-Sports),
NCFE Principals of coaching sport,
Btec level 2 Sports and Exercise.

Favourite Techniques

I love using the Heel Hook when grappling or doing mixed martial arts and a Spinning Hook Kick is an all round favourite.


Kickboxing, a bit of kicking with boxing, some boxing with kicking and a bit more Kickboxing.
And watching Doncaster Rovers!

Why Holistic Fitness?

I like that it's a good, fun, family club and I also like sparring with the Adult members. I really enjoy seeing the children I teach develop their skills and cannot wait until my own son is old enough to come and take part!