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Training Gets Personal...

This Time It’s Personal...

If you have ever wondered what Steve actually does all day (I know I have) It turns out that most days he is up and about by 6am putting people through their paces as a personal trainer.

In fact Steve has been a personal trainer for many years and has a wide variety of clients who benefit from the individual attention and specialized training.

Your Club Secretary has to confess to having had a number of personal training sessions with Steve, (though I don’t do 6am I take a much more sensible time slot!) and can genuinely say paying Steve to shout at me, cause me pain and get sweaty is in fact excellent value for money!

Seriously, as someone who gets in the doldrums now and again my Monday morning training sessions help set me up for week, lifts my mood and of course improves my fitness levels.

But yes, may be I’m biased. 

However with many of Steve’s clients being long standing customers and many of them now his friends there is clearly  some evidence that people like his training techniques.

The sessions are tailored to your goals and needs, whether it be for general fitness, losing weight , improving flexibility, strength and stamina or for specific martial arts training.

Clients include older adults who have used Steve’s services to get over operations or injury. Women who want to regain their figures after pregnancy and of course hardcore fitness fanatics that want to be pushed to their limits!

And for those of you who are afraid it will just be all pump and grind Steve also offers 2-2-1 Classes so you and a friend can train together and catch up on gossip while you keep fit!

If you would like to know more about the packages he offers or to discuss your training needs give him a call 07956 944 341 or better still book a trial class and take the first step towards Being a Better You!