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John Pierson

John Pierson

John Pierson

Senior Kickboxing Instructor

Personal Background

Born in Hounslow, Middx and work full time as an Office Manager.

Martial Arts Background

2nd degree black belt in Seal Lung Kickboxing, trained to brown belt in Seal
Lung Kung Fu. 6 months in to 3rd degree b/b syllabus before injury halted further progress.

Former instructor and student of Tony Lloyd, 7th degree black belt.

One of the first in the country along with Holistic Chief Instructor, Steve Dixon
to be given instructor status at Blue Belt in Seal Lung Kickboxing.

Reached 2nd degree status in quickest ever time in the history of Seal Lung Kickboxing.

Also studied Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shotokan Karate, Boxing and Judo. Am currently working on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. (Combining stand up and ground based martial arts).

Favourite Technique

I love the basics; Front Footed Roundhouse Kick to the stomach, and if on the ground, the Straight Arm Bar.

Hobbies and other sports

Studying DVD instructionals of other martial arts to gather information to further my skills. I have been lucky enough to train in person with some of the world's best martial artists such as Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace and Kevin ‘The Jedi’ Brewerton.

I also like to pound the tracks and hills on my mountain bike whenever I get the time. As soon as my daughter gets old enough we will be heading back to Canada and the USA for our traditional skiing hols that we like to enjoy during the winter.

Those of you that are (lucky enough?!) to have heard me, will know that I like to spin a few house tunes at a club in Clapham called Inigo.

Why Holistic ?

Have trained with Steve for umpteen years, since we were yellow belts and pretty darned useless! I never thought I would ever get past green belt let alone be an instructor.

It just goes to show anyone can achieve just about anything if they put their mind to it.

Holistic makes a nice change for a martial arts school. This is noticed as soon as you walk through the door, where you are always greeted with friendly faces and no one on an ego trip. It's very pleasing to work with someone such as Steve as he is very approachable and is always willing to listen to opinions in order to progress his school. He is never afraid ‘to put his money where is mouth is’ and I respect that very much. He is backed up by a great team of instructors, enhanced recently by the arrival of Tony F. & Wendy W. It's exciting times ahead and I feel I have a new lease of life in the martial arts.