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Steve Dixon

Stephen Dixon

Owner of The Holistic Fitness Studios / 5th Degree Black Belt

Personal Background

South London Lad through and through, born in Wandsworth, and grew up in Putney. Now live in Mitcham.

Martial Arts Background

I have now been involved in martial arts for over 30 years. I have training in seal lung and wing chun kung fu, sport kickboxing, unlicensed boxing, armed forces control and restraint, unarmed combat, armed combat military and civilian, aikido, Filipino stick fighting, various weapons, boxing, and most recently MMA.

Though actually, I specialise in teaching simplicity!

The easiest and fastest way to win is the best, regardless of the style.

Favourite Technique

Sidekick to the body, sidekick to the head, jumping sidekick, hopping sidekick, front footed sidekick...
and then some more sidekicks!

Grades held

Master instructor (Great Britain Martial Arts Association)
Senior tournament official WAKO/WPKA/WKA/WKO/UMA

Other Qualifications

  • HSE approved first aid instructor
  • HSE first aid & advanced life support
  • LAS emergency medical technition
  • Massage & sports injury therapist
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Diploma in Personal training
  • MLTB & GSTRA climbing instructor and mountain guide
  • BCU canoeing instructor
  • RYA sailing & power boating instructor
  • SAA dive leader
  • and many more


Running a lifestyle business means my hobby is business and vice versa but beyond Martial Arts I also enjoy cooking, climbing and hill walking. I also read a lot and generally like to keep my interest as varied as possible.

Why Holistic-Fitness?

I trained with some good local instructors and even ran many classes for other local martial arts schools. The problem was I wanted to develop a style of my own.

That's exactly what I have done, with the help and input of my team of instructors I have picked the best bits of the styles I and they have trained in, reworked them and put them into a format that is quick and easy to learn.

I teach techniques that are simple to execute and stunningly effective.