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White Collar Boxing

White Collar Boxing @ Holistic Fitness Studios 

Holistic Fitness Studios Wimbledon are proud to work with charity organisation, Humanitas, training everyday guys and girls to live their dream of taking part in a white collar boxing match. This annual event is a fantastic fund-raising evening, where people like you, get to go beyond your comfort zone and meet challenges like you have never done before.


White Collar Boxing allows people who would never consider stepping into a boxing ring, live out their Rocky-esque fantasies! Ten weeks of intensive training with Holistic Fitness Studios, will take you from zero to hero, ready to fight in the ring and experience the adrenaline and excitement of fighting like a professional in front of a cheering crowd!

How Does White Collar Boxing Work?

When you register to the event you will be asked to attend a general assessment day. There you will meet the trainers who will take a look at your current weight, level of fitness and boxing skills to ensure that you are matched fairly. 

Don't worry if you have never boxed before! White Collar Boxing is very much about beginners realising their dreams of becoming a true contender.

After the assessment, training will be based on three boxing classes per week with your coach advising you of further exercises and a diet plan. 

You will learn basic boxing drills and pad work and from the outset you will be sparring with suitable partners to ensure that you are at your very best for the fight night.

At all times your coach and training partners will support you to continue exceeding your own expectations and you will see yourself develop over the ten weeks ready to take on this fantastic, life-changing challenge.

On the night you will share a dressing room with your training partners and your corner team will help you relax, warm up and prepare for your moment in the ring. You will have chosen your own walk-out music and the crowd will be there to support you as you step into the ring.

While your coach will have already advised you of the rules, The referee will once again remind you that it's all about a 'good clean fight' and the bell goes and the fun begins!

Our White Collar Boxing events are limited to three, two-minute rounds. During that time you will hear the crowd cheering and supporting you all of the way. 

After the three rounds the judges will have scored each round and the referee holds up the hand of the winner.

But win or lose the match, we guarantee you will still feel like a champion as your friends and family help you celebrate with a well-earned drink.

As for after the event? You can relive your moment of glory as all the fights are recorded and you will be sent links to your professionally edited fight video and photos of the night will also be made available online.

Want To Box But Not Fight? 

No Problem! At Holistic Fitness Studios we hold two boxing classes per week on a tuesday and thursday evenings* (*Subject to availability) at 8:30pm and you can book a boxing trial class anytime. Classes are very friendly and welcoming and we have a genuine mix of beginners to more experienced boxers.